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Mila Clarke

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As someone with type 2 diabetes, I’m always looking for diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes that will keep me full and balance my diet.

I’m also always looking for tasty meals, because let’s face it – eating a low-carb diet can sometimes get a little boring.

Why breakfast is so important for people with diabetes

When you have diabetes, it’s very important to plan your meals and make sure you’re staying in line with your dietary goals. Here are 10 filling breakfasts that will keep you satiated for the first half of your day.

Keto Breakfast Bowl

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (2)

I love this Keto Breakfast Bowl because it’s low on carbs, but high in healthy fats and packed with perfect green, leafy veggies. Plus, any excuse to eat guac is a must for me. It’s a perfect diabetes breakfast recipe.

Avocado Toast

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (3)

Avocado Toast is a pretty easy breakfast – mash some avocado (I told you I’ll make any excuse to eat it), ad a little salt and pepper, and top with some perfectly cooked eggs. It’s quick to make, balanced, and filling.

Low Carb Breakfast Tacos

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (4)

I have to say it’s beyond genius to create a taco shell using cheese. Though these are stuffed with meat, add in some of your favorite breakfast taco fillings and you’re good to go.

Breakfast Tostadas

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (5)

I think when it comes to breakfasts this one is quite easy. It’s got a great balance of carbs, fat and protein and would be a great treat for any diabetes breakfast.

Crustless Ham and Cheese Quiche

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (6)

This is a great, and filling breakfast and one that’s again easy to make ahead. I love that it has some classic flavors, and it’s also going to fill you up. Save room for later, because the leftovers reheat very well.


6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (7)

Chaffles have become a favorite for me recently. Low carb waffles made with cheese, but if done right they don’t taste like cheese! These have been a popular recipe on hangrywoman.com, and I love getting to include them! Check out my pumpkin pie chaffle and my original chaffle recipes.

All in all, having diabetes and eating a full and flavorful breakfast can go together well. Try to find recipes that fit your lifestyle so you’re more likely to eat and enjoy them.

Let me know in the comments what your other favorite breakfast recipes are.

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (8)

6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (9)

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14 Responses

  1. My dad’s diabetic and I showed him these recipes. He got so happy that he said he’ll make one later. Thanks a lot for sharing these!


  2. Pingback:

  3. We both have pre diabetes so we both need to lower our ac1. I am looking for things to lower this.


  4. I’ve been type 1 diabetic all my life and your recipes are perfect – I especially love your chaffles! Keep up the good work and thank you!!


  5. I like scrambled eggs, one strip bacon cooked in air fryer and one slice wheat toast…dont like avacodo or any of stuff mentioned…guess I’m doomed.


    1. These are just five ideas (some without avocado). There are plenty of combinations for breakfast that are balanced and filling other than these. Your option sounds great, and like it works well for you! I love air fryer bacon.


  6. Wow! Love all these ideas especially all the EGGS! Eggs and avocado is soooo good!


    1. I’m sort of a zombie in the morning, so I love that these are all really easy to make ahead and enjoy, or they’re quick!


  7. I normally eat oat at breakfast (porridge) or smoothies when it’s hot. I love sweet things only in the morning x


  8. My goodness all of those look so darn good. I would love a breakfast tostada to start the day!


  9. I am pre-diabetic so I’ll definitely be trying these! The breakfast tostada looks delicious!


  10. These look like such healthy breakfast idea’s for not only diabetics, but everyone!


    1. Totally! I think anyone can enjoy these breakfasts!


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6 filling diabetes-friendly breakfast recipes (2024)


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