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by Katrina Bahl

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Use this recipe to make the most delicious Homemade Peppermint Patties all year long- perfect for treats, homemade gifts, and holiday parties!

It’s party season and nothing impresses more than homemade candies. The great news is that candies like these Homemade Peppermint Patties are super simple to make.

I am the worst gift-giver in all the land. I have good intentions; I just don’t like spending money. I know! It’s so weird. I am an underspender. What is an underspender? Besides from the obvious implications of the name there are some very annoying consequences of being an underspender.

  • Underspenders look for the best price but are them often disappointed in the quality so they end up purchasing the item twice.
  • Underspenders see something they like but put off purchasing it until later…often too late.
  • Underspenders can even avoid making routine appointments because MONEY.

Okay I’m not a straight up underspender- I’m happy and healthy and I treat myself (and others), but I just didn’t get the shopping gene passed on. Possibly because neither my parents not grandparents were spenders.

But I did get the baking gene; I love being in the kitchen especially this time of year! So even though I might have seen that beautiful thing you wanted and I thought of you, I didn’t buy it. Now it’s the night before the office party and I’m making you candy. So hush. Life could be worse.

These Homemade Peppermint Patties are crazy good- perfectly creamy bursting with just the right amount of peppermint flavor throughout. You’re going to want to put these on your to-do list!

Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (6)

Yield: 12 candies

Prep Time: 5 minutes mins

Total Time: 1 hour hr

Use this recipe to make the most delicious Homemade Peppermint Patties all year long- perfect for treats, homemade gifts, and holiday parties!

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  • 2 1/2 Cups powdered sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon light corn syrup
  • 1 Tablespoon water
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 1 Tablespoon coconut oil*
  • 1/2 Cup chocolate, melted


  • In the bowl of your mixer fitted with the paddle attachment combine all ingredients until smooth. Add up to 1 more Tablespoon of water if needed.

  • Turn out dough onto a surface dusted with powdered sugar and roll to approximately 1/4 inch thickness. If the dough is too sticky knead in some more powdered sugar 1 tablespoon at a time.

  • Using a 1 inch circle cutter cut into 12 candies.

  • Refrigerate discs for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Melt chocolate according to package directions.Use a small spatula or knife to lift the discs then dip into chocolate. Set on parchment or wax paper. Let cool completely.


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posted on December 11, 2015 — updated November 9, 2020 // 19 comments

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    19 Comments on “Homemade Peppermint Patties”

  1. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (8)

    Jill BairdReply

    These look like perfection! I love chocolate and peppermint so much! I can’t wait to try these!Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (9)

  2. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (10)

    Madhu AnvekarReply

    Hi ,
    What do I substitute corn syrup with ?Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (11)

  3. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (12)


    What is the asterick for on coconut oil? If I dont have coconut oil, what could I use?Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (13)

  4. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (14)


    I am making your peppermint patties today. The recipe says it yields 12 but I am getting about 40 out of the recipe. I did make the dough 1/4 in thick and I actually used a 1.3 in cutter ( a little bigger).
    Also you say to combine all ingredients but I wasn’t sure if that meant the coconut oil too.
    There is an asterick behind the coconut oil but I don’t see it referenced below.

  5. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (15)


    What if you don’t have a paddle attachment. Can you use a hand mixer?

  6. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (16)

    Brenda Sue AxeReply

    Combine ALL ingredients? Thinking chocolate is for dipping, right?

  7. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (17)


    Oh my god just get to the recipe. Nobody cares about your stupid story.

    • Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (18)

      Katrina Bahl

      Are you okay?

    • Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (19)


      Why not just scroll to the recipe instead of leaving a snarky comment?

  8. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (20)


    How long is the shelf life on these? I’m mailing treats out but do by want them to spoil

  9. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (21)

    Sandy KSReply

    These look so tempting to make.

  10. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (22)


    Coconut oil goes well with the white chocolate. I tried to cook it for my little brother. He likes everything sweet and smelly:)

  11. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (23)


    Does the coconut oil need to be in its solid form or is the liquid form ok?

    • Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (24)

      Katrina Bahl

      Either way is fine.

  12. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (25)


    I’m thinking that the coconut oil goes into the melted chocolate to soften it and not in with the peppermint mixture.

    • Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (26)

      Katrina Bahl

      The coconut oil goes into the peppermint candy mixture. You could use coconut oil or shortening to thin the chocolate if needed as well.

    • Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (27)


      Thanks! 🙂

  13. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (28)


    Very tempting and irresistible patties! Love peppermint!

  14. Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (29)


    These certainly look inviting. I will make these for sure.

Homemade Peppermint Patties Recipe (2024)


What is peppermint patty filling made of? ›

Peppermint patty filling is basically a thick peppermint icing, made by combining powdered sugar, butter, vanilla, salt, and peppermint extract. Make the filling and mix until it forms a stiff dough.

What are the ingredients in a peppermint patty? ›


What is the white stuff in York Peppermint Patties? ›

YORK Peppermint Patties are made from dark chocolate which covers a round, white granular peppermint mixture.

Why are YORK Peppermint Patties so good? ›

In the confectionery industry, enrobing is a process that involves covering a confection or snack with chocolate or chocolate coatings. The York Peppermint Pattie confection features strongly contrasting flavors, with a bittersweet dark chocolate surrounding a sugary center with a strong peppermint flavor.

Why does Marcie call Peppermint Patty sir? ›

Peppermint Patty's closest friend, Marcie, calls her "Sir". It is never revealed whether this eccentric habit, dating to Marcie's first appearance in the strip in 1971, is the result of misguided manners, a reference to Patty's tomboyish ways, or some other reason.

Are peppermint patties healthy for you? ›

Even though the coating probably isn't 70 percent dark chocolate, York Peppermint Patties are still a safe way to satisfy a sweet tooth without going whole hog. For 150 calories or less, you can enjoy one regular-size pattie or three of the miniatures.

What kind of chocolate is in a Peppermint Patty? ›

Our dark chocolate peppermint patties are filled with a smooth, minty center and coated in our rich, dark chocolate. Our rich dark chocolate surrounds a smooth, minty center.

Is there real peppermint in YORK Peppermint Patties? ›

Ingredients : Sugar; Corn Syrup; Semi-Sweet Chocolate (Chocolate; Sugar, Cocoa, Milk Fat, Cocoa Butter; Soy Lecithin; Pgpr, Emulsifier; Vanillin, Artificial Flavor); Invert Sugar, Egg Whites; Oil Of Peppermint; Milk.

Can you eat too many peppermint patties? ›

Eating them in excessive amounts is not good for your overall health. Peppermint candies can also have side effects for people who are highly sensitive to menthol or eat them excessively. Patients with gallstones, GERD, or pregnant women should avoid eating them.

Do peppermint patties go bad? ›

Homemade Peppermint Patty FAQ's

They will keep about a week well-covered in the refrigerator (maybe a bit longer, although they taste the best/freshest within a week in my opinion). The peppermint patties can be frozen for longer – probably a month or so.

What is another name for Peppermint Patty? ›

except study. She's more sensitive than she lets on and speaks out loudly against any unfair treatment of herself or others. Her adoring father refers to her as his “Rare Gem.” Peppermint Patty's real name is Patricia Reichardt.

Are Junior Mints and York Peppermint Patties made by the same company? ›

Today, current owner Tootsie Roll Industries, produces more than 15 million Junior Mints a day in Cambridge. And Kessler's York Peppermint Pattie? After a number of corporate owners, it is now manufactured by Hershey in Mexico.

What happened to York Peppermint Patties? ›

The York Cone Company merged with the Hershey Company back in 1988. According to Hershey, it is estimated that around 1.5 billion York Peppermint Patties are made every year.

Are peppermint patties good for digestion? ›

The reason that mints are both refreshing and soothing is due to the presence of peppermint, wintergreen, or spearmint in the candies. The mint oil in the confection can stimulate your stomach lining and ease stomach pain, reduce gas, and facilitate digestion.

Is there milk in YORK Peppermint Patties? ›

The ingredients in York Peppermint Patties include egg whites and milk. That means none for me. However, if I spend a little time in the kitchen, I can make the candy bar I love. I got this recipe from local nutritionist Sara Sullivan.


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